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If our current job vacancies do not include a suitable position for you, you can send us an open application.

Why to submit an open application? This greatly increases your chances of finding a job that fits your needs. As we fill all current and future positions, applications from a time period of at least last three months are considered. If you want to be among the first ones to apply, this is the way to go.

In your application, specify what kind of job(s) are you looking for. The more specifically you describe your previous experience, education and preferences, the better we can match you with a suitable job.

If you are, for example, interested in working in a certain location or area, also specify this in your application. We will process the application and try to arrange an interview where we can discuss more and have a look at your work and study-related documents.

We’d also like to remind that all the submitted information is handled professionally and confidentially.

About us:

At Alrekry we continuously provide several new jobs on multiple fields. We’re a Finnish personnel service and our operation is based on strong knowledge of the service industry, logistics, manufacturing and transport.

Contact info:

For any additional information, contact Anne Järvelä (050 380 2656).

You can send an applications to (attachments in PDF form) or fill in the application form linked to this page.

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