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Hitsaaja (Mig/Mag)

Prosessinhoitaja betonitehtaalle

Levyseppähitsaaja konepajalle


Monipuolinen metallityöntekijä / hitsaaja

Kasvisten käsittelijä


Kontinpurkaja / varastotyöntekijä


Alrekry Oy offers opportunities for diverse professionals in working life throughout Finland. If you want to show what you got as a professional or a skilled worker, we will offer you a variety of tasks, opportunities and environments in your chosen field.

You can influence your work and work time by choosing the one that suits you best. The opportunities that come with the tasks open up new doors and expand your contact network in your chosen field. Submit your application so we will look for meaningful tasks that match your training or work experience. We take care of our employees and answer to all the upcoming questions through the employment.


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